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Smart Trailer Solutions from ConstructEdge.

ConstructEdge’s connectivity solutions ensure that project teams have access to the real-time data platforms that manage modern jobsites.


What’s inside a Smart Trailer?

Smart Trailer Details
  1. Internet Connectivity
  2. Cat 6 Cabling
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Video Surveilance
  5. Access Control
  6. Intrusion Detection
  7. Cell Booster
  8. Audio Visual (A/V)
  9. Advanced Warnings


Trailers can have the same network while being anywhere on the jobsite. Point-to-Point antennas are used to connect trailers where normal cabling cannot extend the network. Wi-Fi or hardwired connections bring the cloud to your devices like laptops, tablets, printers, and plotters. Cellular data connections can either be a primary or secondary connection to keep you online. The trailer can be set up to feed your internet throughout the field of work, powering a private cellular (PLTE) data network.



Providing copper and fiber optic cabling to connected devices both within the trailer and beyond. Full service includes termination, certified testing, and as-built drawings.



Throughout the trailer, you will have access to your integral applications. With the right design, Wi-Fi can be extended to anywhere in your trailer. Speeds and reliability are  dependent on the provider and available bandwidth. ConstructEdge will do a full qualification to showcase the best options available



ConstructEdge video surveillance system can utilize the same network as your connected
workers. Using PLTE, Wi-Fi, or cellular, this gives access to view the project to those who need it. With smart alerts in real-time, you can find and share clips of jobsite progress. Available artificial intelligence can provide integral details and notifications to move your project forward on-time and on-budget.



A centralized software control platform manages who has access to the trailer and when via proximity card readers and/or PIN code entry. This removes the need to distribute, keep track of, or replace traditional keys.



Jobsite alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring provide immediate notification of  unauthorized access to designatED AREAS.



Works by taking the existing cell signal from an antenna and amplifying it into the trailer. Call quality and text/SMS messaging are improved. Maintain a reliable connection with fewer drops.



Smart meeting spaces with connected displays and video conferencing bars support enhanced team collaboration.


Along with other visual and audible notification devices, large digital signage provides messaging and warnings for personnel on the jobsite.

Give your field teams the bandwidth to power all your construction tech apps for real time data & live communications.

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Network Monitoring

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