#1 in jobsite connectivity

Smart Jobsite Solutions from ConstructEdge.

ConstructEdge’s connectivity solutions ensure that project teams have access to the real-time data platforms that manage modern jobsites.


What’s inside a Smart Jobsite?

Smart Jobsite Details
  1. Connected Worker
  2. Private LTE (PLTE)
  3. Audible / Visual Notification
  4. Video Surveilance
  5. Real-Time Communication
  6. Data Collection / IOT


ConstructEdge network designs are fully scalable with your project. Ongoing management includes infrastructure, support, maintenance, monitoring, and performance reporting.



Powered by Private LTE (PLTE) or Wi-Fi, ConstructEdge brings a reliable network
across the entire jobsite so everyone can remain connected, safe, and productive.



From weather alerts to security and safety, infrastructure capabilities include visual
and audible alarms for notification to those in the field. Systems can alert those in a
restricted area, without the proper PPE, or deter vandalism and theft after hours.



A ConstructEdge video surveillance system can utilize the same network as your connected workers. Using PLTE, Wi-Fi, or cellular, this gives access to view the project to those who need it. With smart alerts in real-time, you can find and share clips of jobsite progress. Available artificial intelligence can provide integral details and notifications to move your project forward on-time and on-budget.



Instant-voice communications are critical to any construction site. With Push-to-Talk, your team in the office, on the road, or any other place in the field can communicate seamlessly, reducing the possibility of delayed downstream impact. Products with built-in GPS can be used to track and manage workforce no matter the cellular coverage. With easy-over-the air updates, Push-to-Talk gets you connected to anyone and everyone on the team with the push of a button.



With a strong jobsite network, IOT devices like temperature sensors, turn style gates, smart badges, and much more can be implemented. These devices can help save money, drive efficiency, and remotely manage aspects of your projects both in real-time and after an event.

Give your field teams the bandwidth to power all your construction tech apps for real time data & live communications.

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