Encore Electric

Founded in 2003, Encore Electric, Inc. was established to serve clients in the Rocky Mountain West to address complex and technical projects for developers and top consumer brands with electrical construction, technology solutions and maintenance services. Recognized for safety, design and quality by industry organizations and customers, Encore credits the talent and work ethic of its more than 800 team members. Encore Electric is a privately held, employee-owned company based in Lakewood, Colorado. For more information, visit


100mbps jobsite Wi-Fi on top of a mountain.

Client: Encore Electric | Jobsite: Pikes Peak Summit Complex

At the very top of Pikes Peak, the construction of the Pikes Peak Summit House Complex relies on specialty contractors like Encore Electric. The organization has run into a bit of a challenge – when you rely heavily on technology  ike iPads, tablets and digital construction management tools, how do you get Wi-Fi on the top of a Fourteener to run all of those needs?

Encore Electric has found the solution by teaming with ConstructEdge, a company that provides connectivity and technology solutions, by beaming a signal from the top of the Encore Electric Colorado Springs office building nearly 14 miles to the top of Pikes Peak. It works by taking the existing internet connection in the office and installing point-to-point microwave radios on both the roof of the Encore Electric building and the roof of the Pikes Peak Summit House.

By distributing the incoming signal from the top of Pikes Peak via wireless access points on the construction site, the tablets, iPads and digital construction management tools will have the access to  the Internet that they require to work properly and efficiently.

“We’ve had a relationship with ConstructEdhge for the past several years. After noodling on this a bit, I happened to look up at Pikes Peak as I walked out of the Colorado Springs  office earlier this year and realized we have line of sight directly to the job site from there,” said Kevin Gaines, Information Technology Manager for Encore Electric.


“This matches our dedication to providing solutions for ‘All Things Power, Technology and Energy’ and we love it when we have the opportunity to think outside the box, just like our project teams do for our customers every day.”

Pikes Peak is high, and as you can imagine with the construction going on, doesn’t have reliable access to the Internet, a key need to tap into the technology needed for construction. Installing this technology will continue to help  Encore Electric bring this project to life for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak visitors. “We continue to look for ways to deliver projects safely and efficiently to our customers,” said JR Bond, director of Southern Colorado for Encore  Electric. “When we run into a challenge like this, we work to find the best solution to keep the job going. This piece of technology will help our tradespeople do the work they need to do, and keep them moving no matter the  conditions on the mountain.”

The technology will be installed on the building and on Pikes Peak in the coming days.