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AI-Powered mobile surveillance trailers

ConstructEdge’s Mobile Surveillance Trailers provide turnkey on-premise video surveillance to designated areas on your jobsites. Utilize real-time visibility for monitoring jobsite progress, experience custom AI-powered alerts, and provide connectivity to the field—all without leaving your office.


Gain remote visibility to your jobsite with mobile surveillance trailers.

Enhance the safety and security of your construction jobsite. Designed specifically for construction sites, these mobile surveillance units provide a robust and comprehensive solution that allows you to track project progress while keeping valuable assets protected.

unattended operation

Trouble-Free Installation and Setup

ConstructEdge mobile surveillance trailers are delivered and installed by our professional team, so your workers can focus on the tasks at hand.

Mobile Monitoring

Scale and Monitor From Any Device, Anywhere

Stay connected with remote access to camera feeds and view multiple trailers from different jobsites on one centralized platform. Monitor weather, job progress, personnel, and more.

High-Quality Cameras

High-Resolution Surveillance Footage

Equipped with industry-leading cameras that deliver clear images and video, you’ll be able to adjust angle of view and zoom in or out to gain better visibility of your desired subject.

Connected Workers

Internet Connectivity for the Field

Provide wireless connectivity to your jobsite network to help maintain higher video resolution. Point-to-point or cellular connectivity is available to keep field workers connected.

Theft Deterrent

Deter Theft & Vandalism on Your Jobsites

Security cameras act as a powerful visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. Tamper notifications alert you if someone attempts to damage or obscure the camera’s view so you’re able to act on suspicious activity.

Customized Alerts

Utilize Powerful
AI-Driven Analytics

AI capabilities allow searches based on people and vehicle attributes. Receive real-time alert notifications and get notified after-hours with intelligent intrusion detection. Share clips instantly and easily.

Jobsite Safety

Improve Jobsite Safety & Prevent Injuries

Improve compliance with safety protocols by keeping a close watch on jobsite  operations. In addition, our 24/7 remote monitoring and a ~48hr backup battery reduce blind spots in your footage.

No-Hassle Updates

Ensure Cybersecurity with OTA Updates

Over-the-air updates keep your hardware and software secure with the latest patches and bug fixes, maintaining the security of your cameras to protect your company’s intellectual property.

What’s Inside

ConstructEdge’s Mobile Surveillance Trailers provide turnkey on-premise video surveillance to designated areas on your jobsites.

Beyond just surveillance and security, mobile units also extend the reach of your jobsite network keeping field teams connected.

800W self-sufficient solar panels for power with ~48hrs of battery backup

Wi-Fi connectivity

High-speed 4MP PTZ camera with 25x optical zoom

AI-driven analytics

Centralized camera/video feed monitoring from anywhere

No onsite management required from your team

Ongoing support and maintenance from ConstructEdge

Deploy Automatic Alerts with Speakers

Set up a pre-recorded message that deploys on a loudspeaker when an intruder is detected on the jobsite. Additional strobing lights draw attention to the intrusion and aid in scaring off the offender.


Enhance the safety and security of your construction jobsites with mobile surveillance trailers.

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