Better Connected: Stanley Black & Decker Partners With CCR to Support Digital Transformation in Construction

PRESS RELEASE – CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, June 19, 2019 – ​​​​Circle Computer Resources, Inc. (CCR) is partnering with Stanley Black & Decker / DEWALT to bring turn-key connectivity to construction companies throughout North America.

This partnership couples CCR’s extensive IT services and networking expertise with one of the most trusted names in the industry for tools and equipment, delivering seamless and secure Wi-Fi networks on construction sites using the DEWALT Jobsite Wi-Fi System.

Prefabricated and Modular Buildings for Construction

Prefabricated and modular construction are not new concepts to builders, but they are beginning to disrupt the industry as the go-to method for many large-scale, high-profile projects. Three big drivers contribute to this shift: the types of projects, their locations, and the lack of skilled labor in the field.

Hypermodeling Aids the Construction Design Phase

The hypermodel method takes many different design tools and allows them all to communicate with each other. Now, instead of having 2D models and 3D models housed separately, hypermodeling can hold both versions that can be laid on top of the other to check that design functionality in both a flat and three-dimensional setting is plausible.

Construction Link Round-Up #4

This month, we’re tackling insurance coverage, analytics for IoT sensors, empowering tech champions, and addressing the need for cybersecurity regulation on digital tools for the jobsite. We even threw in an interactive map of some of the biggest construction projects taking place across the US. Check out what we’ve been reading, and feel free to share your comments with us on social!

Construction and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th industrial revolution (referred to as Industry 4.0 or I4.0 for the techiest among us), is happening at lightning speed. We’re watching smart technologies evolve into intelligent devices capable of monitoring and adjusting settings in your home, alerting us when danger is near on the jobsite, answering questions at the drop of a hat, and more.

Leverage Digital Twins on the Jobsite

Industry 4.0 relates to the fourth industrial revolution where automation and machine learning supplement the human workforce. With Industry 4.0 comes many opportunities for technology and humans to comingle, one of them being the digital twin. This post offers various definitions for “Digital Twin”, as well as potential use cases in the construction industry.

Connectivity Solutions: Data Campus Construction’s BFF

Large data centers are becoming more standard for large construction requests as the hyper-scale company trend continues to boom. Rapidly growing companies that amass large quantities of data (think the Facebooks and the Googles of the world) are requiring more storage space for all the data they collect. This high-demand, explosive growth has a trickle-down effect into construction: large scale projects like this need to be completed faster and faster.

The Critical Intersection of Big Data, AI, and Connectivity for Construction

Big data has been a big helper in the construction space. Information-rich insights from several touch points on a jobsite create a construction ecosystem that’s more effective and efficient than before.

To make it even better, Artificial Intelligence can be combined with Big Data to automate time-consuming processes, resulting in cost reduction, real-time data, streamlined communications, and more.

Construction Link Round-Up #3

From construction productivity improvements to connectivity, this link round-up focuses on ways technology can improve the construction industry’s major problems: productivity, connectivity, and efficiency. Our last link is longer than the others, but rich in data and detail for companies ready to dig deep to overhaul current processes.

Connection is Critical for Your Design-Build Jobsite

Many of the delays that happen in a construction project boil down to one thing: communication silos. The time it takes to coordinate, schedule, relay messages, confirm or amend, estimate, etc can be better spent when all the parties come together to form an all-inclusive construction package.

Reducing friction between parties, avoiding the blame game, and improving coordination all lend themselves to better outcomes on a project timeline.

While your design-build approach definitely sets you up for success, there’s a critical component to its success that’s often not discussed: your connection in the field.

Turn-Key Jobsite Connectivity: The Best Remote Connection

Often, construction companies in need of remote connectivity choose to follow big-name ISPs simply because choice seems limited. But these solutions are not typically turn-key options, or rather, connections that you won’t have to give another thought to once implemented (which is the whole idea, after all).

Secure Your IoT Devices on Your Jobsite

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming an integrated part of the jobsite. IoT devices improve security, increase efficiency, reduce safety hazards, and maximize savings. But the downside is that currently, security on IoT devices is sorely lacking, and as IoT becomes more interconnected across the jobsite, this poses an ever-growing security risk to your construction data.

Your Company Needs a Construction Technology Innovator

Your company is digitizing to stay competitive. But who is leading the charge to keep you at the cutting edge? Who manages the implementation of your tech and fixes the problems as they arise? Your company needs to invest in a Construction Technology Innovator.

Construction Companies Must Buy-In to Field Connectivity

Traditional ISPs can be difficult to work with when it comes to reliable jobsite connectivity. When your productivity, communication, and ultimate success hinges on having the right amount of bandwidth at the right time, the last thing you want is to be stuck on hold with an ISP.

Hard-to-reach locations require a little extra care from your provider, often involving custom-designed solutions that will make sure you stay connected at every nook and cranny of your jobsite. Not just at the trailer, not just at one part of your jobsite, the entire jobsite. And it needs to be scalable so that as your job expands, your connection grows with it.

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