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Circle Computer Resources Launches New Brand, ConstructEdge, to support digital transformation in the construction industry

Circle Computer Resources (CCR) announced today the formal launch of its new brand, ConstructEdge. This business unit was formed in January 2019 to serve the construction industry with connectivity services for the field and has found great success within the market. By giving this unit its own brand identity, CCR demonstrates its commitment to the continued technological advancement of the construction industry.

6 Signs Your Business Needs Help with Connectivity

The Internet has increasingly dominated the way the world operates since its inception. It’s interwoven into nearly every corner of our existence, and it can no longer be overlooked as a critical component in every business function. If your relationship with your internet provider is less than you dreamed it’d be, that thought might be pretty ominous.
Here Are Our Top 6 Indicators That You Might Need Some Help With Your Connectivity:

Maslow’s Digital Needs for Your Construction Jobsite

Digitized jobsites are inevitable. Making the transition to digital isn’t easy, and it can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down into parts. Much as humans have basic needs for survival, the construction industry has basic technological needs that require nurturing before escalation.

Using Big Data to Boost Construction Productivity

According to Construction Executive, big data has tremendous opportunities for construction. “…as much as 35 percent of the total cost on a construction project goes to material waste and remedial work…” meaning big data can reduce this waste by revealing areas to improve efficiency.

How a Connected Jobsite Maximizes ROI on Telematics

Fleet tracking is enabling construction companies to further improve productivity, reduce waste, and streamline the jobsite. This technology is sometimes referred to as telematics, which are changing how construction companies manage people, materials, and equipment resources. The benefits for construction firms are endless, but there’s one key thing that all these benefits hinge on: your Internet connection at your jobsite.

Your Jobsite Needs Turnkey Connectivity

Often, construction companies choose to follow big-name ISPs for connectivity solutions simply because the choices seem limited. But these solutions are not typically turn-key options, which means you spend more time managing your own connection rather than leveraging it to its full potential.

Overcome Connectivity Issues on the Jobsite

Getting a construction site prepped and ready to service your crew requires a lot of work, time, and resources. There’s a long list of requirements to be met, often before you even begin to consider technology. Your teams need to leverage the tools you’ve invested in to expedite and improve the building process.
Saving time (and money) is a top priority that can be helped with technology, but failing to establish a reliable connectivity solution can be a huge time suck.

Your Lean Construction Site Requires Reliable Connectivity Services

On a construction project, high-quality work is first and foremost, according to 74% of managers. Rework is costly and time-consuming, and as with all projects, staying on time is the bane of any project manager’s existence.

Fortunately, with the implementation of lean construction methods, time waste decreases and quality improves. There’s less overproduction, waiting, inventory, and faster exchange of information and materials.

Connecting the Dots for Business Intelligence in Construction

Construction projects are complex. You have contractors who need to coordinate, timelines to manage, materials to track, and budgets to maintain. On top of that, most of the teams who collaborate with each other may not use the same programs, applications, or software to track, create, or store their data for a project.

5G: A Revolution for Construction Connectivity

The Internet of Things has tremendous potential for the construction jobsite. A blanket term that covers anything from simple sensors to complex wearable technology, IoT is limited in ability by the speed of its connections. Long delays between the device and the receiver reduce the speed with which these tools are implemented on-site.

Pikes Peak Summit Complex Construction Bolstered by High-Tech Wireless Equipment

At the very top of Pikes Peak, the construction of the Pikes Peak Summit House Complex relies on specialty contractors like Encore Electric. The organization has run into a bit of a challenge – when you rely heavily on technology like iPads, tablets and digital construction management tools, how do you get Wi-Fi on the top of a Fourteener to run all of those needs?

Encore Electric has found the solution by teaming with Circle Computer Resources (CCR), a company that provides connectivity and technology solutions, by beaming a signal from the top of the Encore Electric Colorado Springs office building nearly 14 miles to the top of Pikes Peak.

Better Connected: Stanley Black & Decker Partners With CCR to Support Digital Transformation in Construction

PRESS RELEASE – CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, June 19, 2019 – ​​​​Circle Computer Resources, Inc. (CCR) is partnering with Stanley Black & Decker / DEWALT to bring turn-key connectivity to construction companies throughout North America.

This partnership couples CCR’s extensive IT services and networking expertise with one of the most trusted names in the industry for tools and equipment, delivering seamless and secure Wi-Fi networks on construction sites using the DEWALT Jobsite Wi-Fi System.

Leverage Digital Twins on the Jobsite

Industry 4.0 relates to the fourth industrial revolution where automation and machine learning supplement the human workforce. With Industry 4.0 comes many opportunities for technology and humans to comingle, one of them being the digital twin. This post offers various definitions for “Digital Twin”, as well as potential use cases in the construction industry.

Connectivity Solutions: Data Campus Construction’s BFF

Large data centers are becoming more standard for large construction requests as the hyper-scale company trend continues to boom. Rapidly growing companies that amass large quantities of data (think the Facebooks and the Googles of the world) are requiring more storage space for all the data they collect. This high-demand, explosive growth has a trickle-down effect into construction: large scale projects like this need to be completed faster and faster.

The Critical Intersection of Big Data, AI, and Connectivity for Construction

Big data has been a big helper in the construction space. Information-rich insights from several touch points on a jobsite create a construction ecosystem that’s more effective and efficient than before.

To make it even better, Artificial Intelligence can be combined with Big Data to automate time-consuming processes, resulting in cost reduction, real-time data, streamlined communications, and more.

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