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Our story

ConstructEDGE is a member of the CCR Family of Companies. The brand was launched in January 2020 to better serve clients in the Construction Industry looking for unique solutions to field technology challenges.

CCR began offering connectivity services in the construction industry in 2012. As the industry continues to digitize, internet connectivity becomes increasingly important to the successful adoption of new field technologies. ConstructEDGE is CCR’s response to this need. We are dedicated to the future of the construction industry and to solving the challenges that will be exposed as the way builders work continues to evolve.

Our initial service offering – Jobsite Connectivity Services – aims to reduce the load on your I.T. team while giving you peace of mind that your jobsites are reliably connected.

Meet Our Team

The ConstructEdge team operates out of CCR headquarters, alongside a fully-staffed & 24/7 Network Operations Center.


David Smigel

Vice President
Christa Stephens Headshot

christa Stephens

Market Growth Specialist
Brandon Zousel (1)

Brandon Zousel

Sales Executive
Nick Dusil

Nick Dusil

Sales Executive

Julianna Vetter

Sales Development Representative

Logan Lipper

Solution Architect

Jamie Lane

Project Coordinator
Jim Springsteen

Jim Springsteen

Project Technician

Want to Join Our Team?

The ConstructEdge team is growing quickly! We’re looking for awesome people to join us.

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