Taking Data Center Construction Site Security Systems to the Next Level
May 31, 2024
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About Data Center Construction Sites

Safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring data security are paramount concerns for data center construction sites. These jobsites present unique challenges due to the scale of operations, vast campuses, and the critical need for security even during the construction phase. ConstructEdge recognizes these challenges, offering innovative solutions tailored specifically for the demands of data center projects.

What makes data center jobsites unique?

  • Large area jobsites
  • Need for security during construction phases
  • Valuable building materials

Data center construction sites stand out for several reasons. They house valuable building materials and high-tech equipment, making them lucrative targets for theft and vandalism. These sites often span vast areas, comprising large campuses that are difficult to cover comprehensively with traditional surveillance methods. Of course, data security remains a top priority throughout the construction process. Any breach could compromise sensitive information and disrupt critical operations.


Construction Site Security Systems

ConstructEdge addresses these challenges head-on with solutions like Mobile Surveillance Trailers and PLTE jobsite networks. Joe Louison, Leader of Sales, puts it this way, “We see that every jobsite is unique and requires a degree of customization based on the project team’s priorities.”


Turnkey Technology Solutions for Data Centers

ConstructEdge offers turnkey technology solutions designed to keep data center projects seamlessly operational. With a proven track record of involvement in over 35 data center structures since 2015, as well as the support of 800+ network access points, ConstructEdge ensures project continuity and progress through ruggedized technology options.

At the heart of ConstructEdge’s offerings lies a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower workers, enhance safety, and boost productivity. The provision of reliable network connectivity to the trailer is the starting point. It can then be lit up anywhere on the jobsite. For instance, optimized Wi-Fi inside the building where cellular performance struggles to reach. The network can also extend to essential areas like medic trailers, break tents, laydown yards, and general yards, ensuring seamless communication and operations. Adding to the arsenal are mobile solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling continuous tech connectivity even in remote areas.

After connectivity is optimized, security tools can better shine. ConstructEdge deploys physical security tools such as security/surveillance cameras, safeguarding both personnel and assets throughout the project lifecycle. A private FCC-licensed network will allow ConstructEdge to deliver fire alarm dial tones. From digital displays broadcasting real-time safety & weather updates to other important jobsite communications, ConstructEdge equips construction sites with the turnkey options that are necessary to navigate challenges efficiently.


Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailers offer a comprehensive solution to enhance security and monitoring on data center construction sites. These solar-powered trailers provide turnkey live video surveillance, offering real-time visibility into designated areas and allowing for seamless monitoring of jobsite progress. Installation and setup are hassle-free, handled by ConstructEdge’s professional teams to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing construction activities. With remote access to camera feeds from almost any device, stakeholders can stay connected and monitor multiple areas across different jobsites from a centralized platform.

Equipped with multiple high-resolution cameras and advanced AI-driven analytics, ConstructEdge’s trailers serve as a powerful deterrent against unauthorized access and theft while enabling proactive threat detection. Features such as facial recognition and intelligent intrusion detection enhance overall security, helping to mitigate risks and safeguard valuable assets. Customers who prioritize cybersecurity will appreciate over-the-air updates, ensuring that cameras remain secure against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


Private Mobile Networks (PLTE) for Data Center Construction Sites

Private Mobile Networks provide a secure foundation for data transmission and communication within construction sites. Much like Wi-Fi, PLTE will provide seamless connectivity to any connected device on the network. Instead of utilizing a password to gain access, the network is secured by a physical or electronic SIM. Connection is also farther reaching and optimizes the performance of the network differently, allowing the more important internet traffic to be prioritized for better efficiency.

ConstructEdge’s Private Mobile Networks employ a combination of physical and digital measures to fortify data security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected from potential threats when compared to traditional Wi-Fi and cellular connections. ConstructEdge prioritizes data encryption and implements industry-best practices to safeguard against unauthorized access or interception, bolstering the integrity of data transmitted over the network. PLTE networks establish a secure communication channel that minimizes the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks, ensuring a trusted environment for information exchange within the data center construction site.


Got a Data Center jobsite?  Take the next step in Construction Site Security Systems

By leveraging the latest advancements in surveillance technology, network security, and artificial intelligence, ConstructEdge empowers organizations to safeguard their assets, mitigate risks, and maintain data integrity. As the industry evolves, ConstructEdge remains committed to driving innovation and setting new benchmarks for construction site security excellence.