Simplifying Construction IT Services with ConstructEdge’s Manage360 Platform
March 21, 2024
managing construction It services with M360

ConstructEdge’s proprietary Manage360 platform gives firms a Single Pane of Glass for all their Construction IT Services

Managing IT services across multiple construction jobsites presents a unique set of challenges. The physical challenges associated with construction jobsites and the havoc they wreak on network equipment have been well documented. But what about the logistical challenges associated with managing networks across multiple jobsites, over a large geography, and all progressing at different stages of construction? Recognizing the need for streamlined management, ConstructEdge developed Manage360 – a proprietary platform designed to provide a unified view of construction IT services, giving construction firms a single pane of glass for all their needs.

Network Status, Services, and Jobsite Locations all in One Place

The Portfolio View within Manage360 offers both a map and a list view, provides detail on the number of jobsites managed, and indicates actions requiring attention. The map view lets you easily see services at all locations. Hover over a map pin to see the specific solutions at that location as well as their current stage in the network lifecycle. These capabilities give corporate IT teams a real-time view of jobsite networks across their organization, making it easier to manage jobsite connectivity for field and project teams.

Site Level Service Detail

Site level service detail puts important information at your fingertips, including requested services that are not yet live, ISP management, Smart Trailer, and Smart Jobsite solutions for every location. Manage360 provides detailed information on the status, renewal terms, connection speed, and cost for the internet service provider on each jobsite. As you can see above, the availability of ISP contract details makes it easier to manage construction IT services, including troubleshooting any issues in the field. Managing ISP contracts is an important part of controlling costs and also ensures that you don’t pay for any services you are no longer using. A hard copy of the contract is easily accessible to audit existing agreements. 

With Manage360’s Network Health tab, you can quickly check the status of your individual routers along with their current speeds. You can also view a map of how the network is physically set up at your jobsite using the Topology sub-tab.

To report a service issue, you can click on Request button at the top corner of your home screen. Pick the service issue option and then fill in the required fields: jobsite, contact, type of service, type of issue and then add specific notes. This creates a ticket with our NOC and we will address it according to your SLA.

Simple, In-Platform Ordering

Manage360 makes it easy to order service for your project. A user-friendly interface allows you to select an existing jobsite or create a new one. Jobsites can be created by address, latitude/longitude, or by dropping a map pin. The system allows you to name your zone, provide parameters for minimum network speed, and to set the beginning and end dates for required internet service. When the order is submitted, a new site is instantly created so that you can track progress within the system. A streamlined digital SOW is created, and an order confirmation is generated.

Manage360 Simplifies Construction IT Services

In summary, ConstructEdge’s Manage360 platform offers firms a comprehensive solution to the intricate challenges of managing construction IT services across multiple jobsites. By consolidating crucial network data into a single pane of glass, the platform empowers users with real-time insights into network status, service details, and jobsite locations. Manage360 simplifies the complexities of construction IT management, ensuring efficient connectivity and cost control. From seamless ordering processes to granular monitoring capabilities, Manage360 transforms the way construction firms navigate their jobsite IT operations, driving productivity and success across their projects.

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