The Crucial Role of Account Management for Construction IT Services Providers
February 8, 2024
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Understanding the role of account management in selecting Construction IT Services

On construction jobsites, a reliable and robust internet connection has become indispensable, shaping the way projects are managed and executed. At the heart of this digital infrastructure lies the construction IT services provider, a linchpin in ensuring connectivity for construction teams. Specialized IT service providers who have a knowledge of construction can connect project managers, owners, and field teams facilitating communication, data management, and the integration of cloud-based applications. However, the selection of an IT service provider is not a mere technological choice; it is a strategic decision with far-reaching implications.

Effective account management is an important factor, and one that goes beyond purely technical considerations. Identifying a partner who understands the construction process will ensure a reliable internet connection on construction jobsites as they scale, grow, are completed, and decommissioned. This supports the increased reliance on cloud-based applications, jobsite safety measures such as cameras and asset trackers, and the shift towards cloud-based construction management. As construction embraces the digital era, a skilled account manager becomes vital to the construction process and industry professionals seeking favorable project outcomes.

The Role of Account Management

Effective account management plays a pivotal role in ensuring a positive experience for construction firms navigating managed services relationships. A user-friendly and efficient onboarding process gets account managers involved in construction planning so that solutions can be tailored around the needs of each jobsite from the beginning. Making technology recommendations helps customers stay up to date on the latest available solutions designed to improve jobsite connectivity. Lastly, proactive communication makes deploying, managing, and maintaining networks easier. 

Get involved during preconstruction planning.

When your account manager gets involved during preconstruction, planning the overall design of the jobsite network is improved. With a complete picture of the project, schedule, and unique characteristics of the jobsite in mind, a scalable and adaptable network can be achieved. For example, high rise and deep underground construction have different network requirements.  Access points that might work 200 feet up in the air won’t penetrate poured concrete walls underground. Issues like this are further complicated by the way jobsites change as construction progresses. Networks need the flexibility to scale as the physical landscape on the jobsite changes.

It is also important to identify any unique characteristics or environmental implications. For example, is the jobsite near an airport or military installation where telecommunications restrictions may apply? Construction IT services providers who have account managers that get involved during preconstruction planning have a leg up in delivering superior service.

Offer technology recommendations.

One of the benefits of working with an expert is the recommendations they can offer based on their knowledge of the available technology. The construction technology space is moving fast. With new tools available every day, it’s difficult to stay abreast of what’s available and be confident that any given solution is proven and trustworthy.

Construction IT services providers can provide ruggedized hardware solutions to fit the requirements of unique jobsites. As an example, ConstructEdge regularly deploys solar-powered connectivity kits when power is unavailable. Custom kits are built using specialized pallets or trailers, ruggedized antennas, and solar panels along with other components so they may be moved as needed throughout the jobsite.    

Because account managers are trained on the latest technologies and get to see so many different types of construction, they are well positioned to make recommendations ranging from temporary cellular solutions, to microwave line-of-sight technologies, to Private LTE (PLTE) networks and more.

Coordinate user onboarding and billing.

Beginning with lighting up the first trailer, account managers are there to support user onboarding. This may mean having someone onsite to get routers up and running, and printers plugged in. The important part is keeping field teams productive and not letting the jobsite network limit the use of technology.

For billing and payment management, transparency is key. Clear and understandable billing practices contribute to trust and reliability, fostering a healthy client-provider relationship. Additionally, providing construction firms with flexible payment options recognizes the diverse financial structures within the industry, catering to their specific needs.

Provide responsive customer support.

On the frontlines of customer support and issue resolution, responsiveness becomes a game-changer. The impact of responsive customer support on construction operations cannot be overstated, as quick and effective resolution of technical issues is paramount for maintaining project schedules. Good account managers provide a reliable channel of communication and coordinate with support and field teams and then escalate support tickets when needed. 

Communicate proactively.

Proactive communication stands as a cornerstone in fostering a positive and transparent relationship between AEC firms and their construction IT services providers.

Firstly, regular updates on service improvements keep construction professionals informed about the digital services they rely on. It’s like getting a heads-up on the latest and greatest features that can enhance your operations. Additionally, notifications for scheduled maintenance act as a considerate gesture, preventing surprises and disruptions. Just like a friendly reminder, these notifications ensure that construction teams are well-prepared for any temporary downtime, allowing them to plan their work accordingly. At ConstructEdge, we offer Manage360 which is our proprietary connectivity management platform. Customers get a dashboard from which they can monitor and control networks on each of their jobsites.

By embracing proactive communication, your construction IT services providers account manager not only demonstrates their commitment to service excellence but also to empowering construction firms with the information they need to make the most out of their digital infrastructure.

Future Trends in Account Management for Construction IT Services Providers

The future of account management for IT service providers in the construction industry is set to embrace a wave of advancements, aligning with the evolving needs of the market. There’s a notable trend towards the integration of advanced technologies. Construction IT services companies are gearing up to implement cutting-edge solutions that meet the intricate demands of the construction industry. This integration aims to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate the overall digital experience for field teams. Moreover, a key focus lies in the personalization of service offerings.

Construction IT services firms are now tailoring solutions that address the unique requirements of each construction jobsite. It’s like having a customized toolkit for every project, ensuring that digital solutions align precisely with remote hard-to-reach jobsites, large campus projects, deep underground construction, or any other specialized project.

The future landscape of account management is poised to be not just technologically advanced but intricately attuned to the specific needs of construction projects, marking a new era of efficiency and collaboration in the industry.

A Call to Action for Construction IT Services Providers to Prioritize Account Management

There’s a growing expectation that construction IT services providers will not only provide services but become experts in the construction process itself. As a call to action, it is crucial for IT service providers to gain a deeper understanding of construction workflows, enabling them to offer tailored network solutions that integrate with construction technology. The reliance on cloud-based applications and the unique challenges of construction jobsites accentuates the pivotal role of effective account management. From preconstruction planning to offering technology recommendations, and ensuring responsive customer support, account managers serve as the conduit for a seamless customer experience. In summary, the significance of good account management for construction IT services firms cannot be overstated.

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