ConstructEdge Introduces Enhanced Construction Site WiFi Solutions
July 26, 2023
Construction site WiFi Solutions

Who is ConstructEdge and What Services Do We Provide for the Construction Industry?

ConstructEdge is the leading technology partner to the construction industry providing turn-key jobsite connectivity services. From lighting up the first trailer on the jobsite with an internet connection to extending that signal across the entire project location, we offer a suite of best-in-class solutions that support connected jobsites. This includes trailer connectivity, field connectivity, and our proprietary Manage 360™ platform to order, manage, and monitor construction site WiFi solutions across all your jobsites.

How Does ConstructEdge Help Streamline Construction Jobsite Connectivity?

Field-first network connectivity architecture needs to adapt throughout the lifecycle of the project to make sure networking equipment works from day one, can be extended from the trailer into the field, and managed across multiple jobsites.

With over a decade of experience designing jobsite connectivity solutions, we offer the expertise that can help contractors and project owners utilize the right mix of private LTE, WiFi, and cellular to construct capable jobsite networks at the least possible cost. This streamlines construction jobsite connectivity by ensuring compatibility for connected devices, providing coverage throughout the field of work, and allowing networks to scale as jobsites grow.

IoT devices have become increasingly common on jobsites and range from wearables that track workers’ locations on the jobsite to heavy equipment guided with GPS technology. These are not the only instances where construction management relies on internet connectivity. Data captured in management software also needs a dedicated signal to be shared across teams.

Sharing such data and empowering connected devices can become complicated as jobsites grow and barriers like poured concrete walls impact wireless networks. Teams need the ability to access jobsite networks wherever they are in the field of work to stay productive. ConstructEdge’s solution architects have seen hundreds of jobsites and can help ensure that your unique jobsite stays connected while minimizing costs.

Examples of Technology Solutions Offered by ConstructEdge

The demand for reliable and efficient internet connectivity has never been more apparent than in the construction industry. Large or remote jobsites can experience communication breakdowns and subsequently project delays, thereby elevating the importance of construction site WiFi solutions. Fortunately, ConstructEdge offers a suite of innovative solutions designed to address the needs of both small- and large-scale projects. These include temporary cellular internet, microwave line of sight internet, WiFi networks, hybrid networks, and private LTE. The flexibility of these solutions allows teams to stay connected and on track regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. From real-time monitoring of surveillance cameras to data sharing and project management, construction site WiFi solutions are indispensable for meeting project deadlines and staying competitive in today’s construction industry.

Benefits of Using ConstructEdge’s Hybrid Network Solutions on the Jobsite

For construction professionals, reliable connectivity on the jobsite is crucial for staying efficient and productive. Fortunately, ConstructEdge offers custom hybrid network solutions that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any construction site. Whether the jobsite is large or small, these solutions can easily scale up or down to keep up with projects as they grow. Additionally, connectivity challenges that can arise on construction sites, such as interference from concrete walls or underground construction, can be mitigated with ConstructEdge’s hybrid solutions. By utilizing a combination of private LTE, WiFi, wired and/or mesh networking, construction teams can stay connected and productive no matter where they are on the jobsite.

In addition to scalability and flexibility, the burden for managing jobsite networks is handled by a third party providing managed services (ConstructEdge). This means that resources that were once used for network management are freed up, allowing these businesses to channel them into other areas of their operations. The advent of managed services for construction site WiFi solutions has certainly made life easier for many, and it’s no wonder that more and more companies are turning to this modern and efficient approach.

How Can Contractors Take Advantage of ConstructEdge’s Services

For contractors seeking reliable and effective construction site WiFi solutions, ConstructEdge’s services can be a game-changer. By requesting a jobsite quote, contractors can take advantage of ConstructEdge’s expertise in navigating the complexities of on-site technology. From assessing variables like distance and topography to connecting with their proprietary network of internet service providers, ConstructEdge’s solution architects design custom solutions that meet the unique needs of any construction site. This is especially useful for large-area jobsites, remote projects, or underground construction where traditional WiFi solutions might not suffice. With ConstructEdge, contractors have access to the latest and most efficient technology, enabling them to complete their projects with minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Why Choose ConstructEdge as Your Technology Partner in Construction

With over 30 years of experience, ConstructEdge has become the technology partner of choice in construction site WiFi solutions. Our proprietary Manage 360™ platform is the industry’s leading tool to order, manage, and monitor technology needs for all your jobsites. From large ENR contractors to specialty builders in the mid-market, leading firms trust ConstructEdge to provide the most up-to-date technology and expert support to keep jobsites connected so they can focus on delivering high-quality construction projects.