Common Misconceptions About Managed Construction IT Services
April 18, 2023

Construction IT Services Provide Essential Jobsite Connectivity

Network connectivity is an essential component of many self-service devices frequently encountered on the jobsite. Without it, the equipment will not work as expected and then interfere with a project or task. Finding the right network platform so that both professional and field personnel can access vital information is a key factor in choosing the required equipment to ensure successful outcomes. In this article, our experts will provide a comprehensive review of such components so you can rest assured that all necessary hardware runs properly.

Examples of connected devices on the jobsite
  • Security Cameras
  • GPS Tracking Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Restricted Access Areas
  • Collaboration Software
  • Building Design Software and Models
  • Automated Cutting Tools (Stop Saws, Pipe Profilers, etc.)
  • Phones and iPads, Printers, TVs

Managed connectivity means ensuring that a set of machinery, electronic devices, and networks are all connected in such a way that any one of them can send or receive information from the other. This type of interconnectivity is vital for controlling various systems virtually from anywhere and at any time. Network controllers, routers, firewalls, and specialized software are just some of the many pieces required for managed connectivity to work. As machines become more sophisticated and reliant on data exchange, connectivity management is increasingly critical for today’s construction environment and devices. So, what exactly do we mean by managed construction IT services, and what does it take for it to really work?

Managed Construction IT Services Provide:

  • Reliable, consistent communication for all the connected devices on your jobsite.
  • A trusted and secure way to process information for project updates, change orders, monitor construction progress, and accuracy.
  • Technology setup and management of your trailer, logistics and warehousing, and tech stack consultations.
  • Proactive monitoring capable of remote management and troubleshooting.
  • Ability to monitor your connection and when necessary, rectify issues arising therein through the implementation of self-healing protocols.
  • Connectivity designs that scale with the size of the project site.
  • Site decommission when the project has reached its end.

Dispelling Myths About Managed Construction IT Services

DIY solutions are just as secure as managed IT services.

DIY jobsite networks, while often cheaper than professionally installed systems, often require a high level of preparation, technical expertise, and know-how to do correctly. If you don’t know your way around the tech side of things, what may seem like an easy cost-saving strategy can often end up costing you far more in time spent troubleshooting and installing components. Even if you do manage to get the setup working satisfactorily, proper security protocols must often still be observed for these systems – something that requires additional expertise and knowledge. For contractors, project managers, and project owners looking to dive into a DIY setup without prior technical knowledge, it’s best to equip yourself with as much background information as possible or consider hiring professional installation services instead.

Scaling jobsite networks is as simple as adding additional access points. 

Scaling a reliable jobsite network can be quite the challenge due to the limited availability of power, the impractical nature of running fiber, and mitigating obstacles to line-of-sight technology. To meet these demands, custom solar-powered or battery-powered kits are often necessary to provide power for hardware. On certain jobsites, renewable energy projects for example, line-of-sight microwave radio transmitters and receivers work great. However, in underground construction, concrete foundations render line-of-sight communication useless. Most jobsites require a combination of wireless and hardwired connections to maintain uninterrupted connectivity.

All hardware is equal and works well on construction jobsites.

Working on a construction jobsite is no easy feat – the work is tough and requires numerous tools, machines, and safety protocols which each need to be monitored closely. Furthermore, these chaotic environments are often dusty or wet from water or other materials, all of which can harm traditional networking equipment. To provide on-site workers with a reliable internet connection despite these harsh conditions, many sites are now relying on ruggedized networking equipment designed to withstand dust, shock, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and more. As a result of this investment in reliable technology, jobsites are set up for maximum productivity and are safer for workers tasked with completing projects on time.

All connectivity solutions provide the correct amount of security.

The use of a private network should not be your only solution when considering increased security in the connectivity solutions you deploy. You should always be looking for providers who have implemented security measures such as private networks and are committed to keeping them up to date. Having a formal continuity plan will also help reduce your risk because it allows for fast recovery from any outages or disruptions that may arise due to cyber-attacks or other factors. Ultimately, you must pay attention to the security protocols set forth by the provider you select in order to maintain data privacy and integrity.

All managed construction IT services providers are the same.

When selecting a managed service provider for your business, reliability is an essential factor to consider. The last thing you need is to be held back by a provider that fails to deliver when it counts. A reliable construction IT service provider should offer consistently good performance across all facets of the job, from communication to SLAs to support at any time of day. At ConstructEdge, we take our responsibility seriously, working with a great team who can travel to any jobsite near or far in North America to ensure peak performance. Our customers trust us for our commitment to excellence, which makes us their provider of choice for their business needs.