Construction IT Support Solutions – What You Need to Know
April 10, 2023

Why Construction IT Support is Growing in Popularity

Managed services focused on construction IT support are rapidly growing in popularity among all types of construction firms. Reliable jobsite networks have become an essential tool for streamlining communication, collaboration, and decision-making processes. Utilizing cloud-based software and incorporating IoT devices on the jobsite expands the amount of data that can be accessed and creates efficiencies in completing tasks. Real-time analysis gives firms accurate data they need to make timely project decisions to stay on-schedule, keep budgets in check, improve construction accuracy, and ensure jobsite safety. Construction IT support makes it possible to connect all these pieces together, and via secure networks always keeps everyone on the same page.

Overview of Construction IT Support Solutions

Managed construction IT support solutions are important for busy contractors who lack the resources for supporting multiple, ever-changing jobsites. Outsourced services include internet solutions for every jobsite, trailer connectivity to get construction trailers lit up with an internet connection, field connectivity to extend networks throughout the work area, and platforms to manage multiple jobsites.  For example, ConstructEdge’s Manage 360 platform is an online platform to order, manage, and monitor technology needs for all your jobsites. 

Examples of Managed IT Services for Construction Jobsites:

  • Internet to the project site
  • Trailer Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Printers, TV, etc.
  • Field Connectivity – Real-time software access anywhere on the jobsite
  • Short-term Cellular Solutions
  • Jobsite Private LTE – Your own cellular network
  • Temporary Mobile Power Solutions, Solar and/or Battery-Powered

Benefits of Outsourcing Field IT Services for Construction Companies

Construction IT teams are charged with managing complex network deployments in environments that constantly evolve and are often difficult to manage. Companies can benefit from partners with the technical expertise, skills, and experience to help ensure that jobsite networks function properly both quickly and reliably.

Working with a partner who specializes in jobsite connectivity provides the advantage of having upfront visibility to ensure bids are not only competitive, but also cost-effective. By being able to access the availability and cost of ISPs who can service the jobsite, potential expenses can be accounted for prior to putting together an estimate, leading to more success when pursuing projects.

As a project manager, it’s natural to be concerned about networking equipment. Ensuring that everything is in working order when dirt work begins is essential for making sure subcontractors and field teams have the tools they need to do their job. Having a plan to facilitate internet connection throughout the site as work progresses will make all the difference when your area needs to grow, expanding network capacity and allowing for increased productivity. Projects can stay on track and deadlines can be met with minimal delays – everyone knows that a little project management goes a long way! Do your research and craft a good plan, so you can rest easy knowing that all bases have been covered.

Working with a managed services partner can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons. For starters, it provides extra bandwidth so you and your team can take on multiple projects across a range of different locations. Secondly, and importantly, the partner makes sure everything is taken care of when the project comes to an end. Having reliable expertise from professionals eliminates potential stress and allows you to focus on completing tasks effectively and quickly. Outsourcing jobsite network management can often save money and simultaneously give you an added advantage of the dedicated resources, making it worth considering!

Benefits of Managed Services for Jobsite Networks:

  • Upfront visibility on costs to ensure bids are competitive and profitable.
  • All networking equipment is functional from day one.
  • When dirt work begins, you have a plan to distribute internet connectivity into the field.
  • As the jobsite grows, you have a dynamic network designed to scale.
  • When the project is over, you have people to handle the termination for you.
  • Easier to scale across multiple projects and geography.

The Impact of construction IT support

Construction is an ever-evolving industry, and construction IT support helps ensure projects run smoothly. With the help of mobile application technologies, contractors can easily keep track of budgets, accurately estimate costs, monitor employee safety protocols onsite, and stay on top of project deadlines. Improved data collection processes allow workers to record information quickly so they can efficiently address underlying problems or adjust the budget accordingly. On top of that, new software programs provide enhanced analysis capabilities to help contractors make better decisions and minimize disruption. Ultimately, construction IT support plays a vital role in making sure projects stay on schedule while keeping costs manageable and maintaining a high level of safety throughout the job site.

The Positive Impacts of Construction IT Support

  • Improved Jobsite Safety
  • Visibility on Jobsite Network Budget
  • Enhanced Construction Accuracy
  • Schedule Performance

Managed services focused on construction IT support have seen a surge in popularity among all types of construction firms. Reliable jobsite networks are integral to the streamlined communication, collaboration, and decision-making capabilities that many modern firms require to achieve the best possible project outcomes. Best of all, managed services have made it quicker and easier than ever for contractors large and small to set up these networks and ensure their day-to-day operations run smoothly. The result is an efficient, productive, and cost-effective overall experience for clients of all needs and budgets.