Introducing White Glove Jobsite Connectivity Services
May 25, 2021

Modern Jobsites

From managing design-build activity to tracking time and materials; architects, owner’s reps, field teams, and even the corporate office rely on digital documentation to manage information. Project owners and their representatives require real-time collaboration between architects and design teams to manage changes in design. Subcontractors rely on building information modelling (BIM) to fabricate sub-assemblies offsite and Finance teams rely on cost data to track labor and material against budget.

All of this data is collected in the field and depends on a reliable internet connection to help exact more profit on projects by increasing efficiency throughout the construction process.  ConstructEdge recently launched White Glove Jobsite connectivity services to give general contractors a one-stop-shop for installing, managing, and decomissioning networks in the field.

Using Construction Tech to Manage Projects

Learn how ConstructEdge blends a best-of-breed approach to last mile services, trailer connectivity, and field connectivity with an industry-leading managed services platform, built exclusively for construction.


Jobsite Security & Safety

Using field-first technology to run safe and secure jobsites.


Real-Time BIM

Critical updates to building information modelling require real-time data sharing.


Project Data

Cost data related to labor, materials, and change-orders is best captured in the field.