6 Signs Your Business Needs Help with Connectivity
December 26, 2019

The Internet has increasingly dominated the way the world operates since its inception. It’s interwoven into nearly every corner of our existence, and it can no longer be overlooked as a critical component in every business function. If your relationship with your internet provider is less than you dreamed it’d be, that thought might be pretty ominous.

Here are our top 6 indicators that you might need some help with your connectivity:

1.  Connectivity is critical to your business

If you rely on cloud services or remote workforce networking, you simply can’t afford to be offline – ever. Companies that rely on the Internet to conduct business are our top contenders for making the switch to a managed networking service. Preventative measures can be put into place to ensure you’re always connected.

2.  Frequent downtime is killing you

Whether it’s a direct hit to revenue or just a frustrated, unproductive staff, recurring downtimes can seriously damage your business. If you’re experiencing frequent outages or poor performance with your current provider, you might want to see what other options are available in your area to increase reliability.

3.  Limited bandwidth or overpriced service

Sometimes local providers just don’t have options for the bandwidth you really need or want for your business. If you find yourself falling into an unfavorable situation – either too little bandwidth, or more than you need (and, thus, more costly) – a managed provider may be able to engineer a solution that meets your needs within your budget.

4.  Remote locations are “hard to service”

Operating in the middle of nowhere usually means little to no access to broadband Internet service. Often, businesses in these areas resort to 4G or satellite service, thinking “it’s better than nothing.” The way we see it, settling for subpar internet just because of your location isn’t an option. This is where a service provider has the opportunity to get creative (like we have, with our wireless bridge installations throughout the U.S.).

5.  Multiple locations

When you start adding branch locations or remote sites to your workforce, connectivity becomes progressively more complicated. Do you deal with multiple vendors for your broadband connections at each location? How do your remote employees connect back to HQ? How can you ensure there are no breaks in communication? This is where we start seeing many businesses seeking assistance with their networking solutions.

6.  No “IT Guy”

Our final entry to this list might seem pretty obvious, but we run into it a lot. If you don’t have a team member dedicated to your business’s technology, you need one. It’s that simple. Technology as a whole is so integral to the successful operation of businesses today that you could be missing out on opportunities to increase revenues or productivity through the smart use of tech. We’re seeing an uptick in the number of companies choosing to outsource some or all of their IT services in the past few years because of this.


If you find two or more of the above scenarios ringing true for your business, a traditional ISP simply may not be the right fit for you – consider checking out a Managed Internet Service Provider for more options, peace of mind, and more time to focus on what you do best.


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