Your Jobsite Needs Turnkey Connectivity
November 11, 2019

Is there anything more frustrating than being on hold with a telecom services company? Or calling your provider only to get passed around from one person to the next, with no improvement, no results, and a lot of wasted time?

We talk about the pitfalls of big ISPs here and here. Often, construction companies choose to follow big-name ISPs for connectivity solutions simply because the choices seem limited. But these solutions are not typically turn-key options, which means you spend more time managing your own connection rather than leveraging it to its full potential.

Why Turn-Key is a Game-Changer

Stress-Free Deployment

You’ve won the bid. There’s not always enough time to contact and set-up the connectivity you’ll need to have ready on-site before the project must begin. And the sense of urgency you get from major ISPs can be rather lackluster. Fiber trenching can take months to complete. But your team needs to be connected now.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the ISP you used had a contingency plan for getting bandwidth on-site for when you actually need it?

Full-Service Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Think about the length of your typical large construction project. It can take anywhere from 1 year to 5-10+, depending on the size and scope of the jobsite contract. During that time, there’s a lot that must be managed to keep tasks on-time, on-budget, and highly productive.

Connectivity in the field is one component that directly affects your margins. But it shouldn’t be a time-suck for your IT team. You need to put this on auto-pilot so that you can leverage your workforce to their full potential.

Expertly-Designed Wi-Fi Networks

Jobsites are increasingly more complex, between technological assets, materials, and worker safety, there’s a lot to keep track of.

If you need full coverage connectivity, you’ll need a provider capable of adapting with any technical variables as they crop up, as well as the changing layout of your jobsite over the course of the construction lifecycle.


As a project evolves, so will your needs. Material interference with wireless connections, or requiring further connectivity from the access points need to be accounted for. Don’t forget that as the project grows, the size of your team may, too, which will require a larger bandwidth to accommodate the traffic on your network. A good ISP provider should be able to foresee these changes, plan for them, and be ready to implement as soon as you need it.

Hands-Off Connectivity

Time on a jobsite is precious. You shouldn’t be wasting it with sourcing efforts, coordinating installs, monitoring the maintenance of your connection, billing, or decommissions. With a true turn-key solution, none of this is your responsibility.

Stop wasting time. Find a provider who can ensure your technology is always connected, even in the most remote locations.


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