Construction Link Round-Up #3
February 27, 2019

From construction productivity improvements to connectivity, this link round-up focuses on ways technology can improve the construction industry’s major problems: productivity, connectivity, and efficiency. Our last link is longer than the others, but rich in data and detail for companies ready to dig deep to overhaul current processes.

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

The latest report done by McKinsey Global Institute suggests there’s a $1.6 trillion opportunity in the construction space to add more value. And it can done by simply increasing the attention to barriers in productivity.

The report details the many obstacles in the construction industry exacerbating the problem of productivity, leaving readers with a call-to-action to encourage leaders to place a higher priority on resolving these issues.

Time to Read: 7 min


Google says it’ll invest $13 billion in US data centers and offices this year

If you’re in the market for data center construction jobs, good news! According to a press release, Google is set to open more data centers this year. As the hyper-scale data trend continues, it’s likely these huge construction projects will be high in demand. The two new states Google will plant roots? Nebraska and Texas.

Time to Read: 2 min


Dear construction industry, you forgot something

We have to brag. One of our own wrote this article, and we think she nailed it.

There’s a lot of revolution in the construction industry right now thanks to digitization. New technologies are making work on the jobsite safer, more efficient, and more productive. As these implementations grow, it’s easy to overlook the one thing that unifies all of this technology: the importance of a reliable connection.

Time to Read: 8 min


Disruptive Innovation: New Ways to Connect

This short article quickly touches on a few exciting connectivity topics predicted to disrupt industries in the next few years. Micromobility uses Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) to expedite short commutes. Connected vehicles will make cars more than just a way to get around. And intelligent connectivity as a service takes IoT a step further. Check it out!

Time to Read: 3.5 min


The construction productivity imperative

This article is quite a bit longer than the others, but the value within is worth the time investment. With investment rates booming and mega construction projects only growing, there’s one looming problem: the industry as a whole is notorious for falling behind schedule, going over budget, and failing to meet specifications.

An in-depth analysis addresses the pitfalls and how to correct them to win bids and build your reputation as a mega-scale construction firm in 2019.

Time to Read: 21 min


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