Construction Link Round-Up #2
January 17, 2019

It’s time for another round up of the latest and greatest blog posts in the construction industry. We’re currently talking about where construction is headed through tech, how people are the key to digital transformation, how to reduce risk on the jobsite, why you should leverage millennials, and where the future is headed for the jobsite.

3 Areas of Tech Moving the Industry Forward

Though tech adoption has previously been slow in the construction space, more firms are making the shift. Now that tech is present, how are companies using the data to glean insights from their devices? These things must be incorporated into your company structure to really leverage their value. More firms are demanding that IoT devices have integration capability with applications. The value of real-time reporting allows leaders to make the best decisions to move the company forward without costly delays, and in 2019, the industry expects to see this become the standard.

Time to Read: 6 min


Digital Transformation is About People, Not Technology

While new tech is exciting and valuable, the true value lies in the people who use it. The first step is comfortability with technology. This is key to ensuring that innovation and tech work with each other, not against each other. The next is using the technology to add value to the raw data, and communicating that out to all involved. The third step is ensuring that the IT team feels empowered and well-represented. This article comes from the mouth of a company who has implemented and had success with this approach. Give it a read!

Time to Read: 8 min


The Dotted Line: Mitigating the Risks of Technology

This article addresses the issues of implementing tech and determining responsibility. In some ways, tech clarifies otherwise muddied areas of ownership, like clarifying areas of ownership within a project. In other ways, they can make it more complex, like if an automated machine malfunctions without human supervision, who is held responsible for damages? These topics, along with cybercrime and intellectual property rights are addressed in this article.

Time to Read: 9 min


Millennials – Catalysts for Change in Construction

Millennials get a bad rep but they are the workforce group that’s needed to help fight the labor shortage in the construction industry. From the mouth of a millennial, this writer conjectures ways companies can set their millennials up for job satisfaction and success while maintaining a good balance and hierarchy in the workplace.

Time to Read: 9 min


Jobsite 2030: Building the Jobsite of the Future

Looking to the future, what will the jobsite consist of? This article hypothesizes the presence of tech and the importance of investing in and prioritizing tech now to make the transition smoother.

Time to Read: 7 min


More Reading: Builtworld’s Adoption Leaders 50 List 2018

This is the top 50 of the who’s who in the AEC space. See which individuals are paving the way with new tech adoption, and start figuring out who your company needs to interface with at events.


For Fun: New Building Materials Revolutionizing Industry

The next generation of building materials is being created to reduce the time and cost required when using natural resources. With 18 new materials buzzing around the industry, it’s time to get yourself acquainted.


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