Why Big ISPs Can’t Deliver the Jobsite Connectivity You Need
January 10, 2019

A quick Google Reviews search makes it very clear: ISPs don’t prioritize customer satisfaction. Quality of service is an afterthought for big-name ISPs.

So what happens when you get to the field and your connection is lagging?

Your stakeholders are more demanding. They want more transparency, more updates, and more information in real-time, but how can they get that if your connection isn’t up to speed? You don’t want to be restricted to an area your signal can reach. “You’re too far from the router” isn’t a phrase that should be uttered on your jobsite.

Why Cellular Isn’t Good Enough

Relying on a cellular connection is a temporary solution. It’s expensive and largely dependent on the coverage your provider can get to that area. You need the right bandwidth to get consistent, reliable speeds. So why isn’t cellular good enough?

  • Limited connectivity in remote areas
  • Takes too long or can be too unreliable (touch and go reception) reliant on provider’s coverage area
  • Prone to slow connections, lost data, and poor data retrieval time
  • Shared bandwidth – more people in your geographic area means less bandwidth for you
  • Data caps, throttling, and overages – oh my

The same technology that’s supposed to improve productivity ends up being a hindrance.


Before you throw your tablet or phone into a gravel pit, it’s not the tech that’s the issue. It’s your connection.

Most of the big hitters in the industry provide the connection and then you pay to “rent” that line. Once the connection is set up, you’re on your own. Standard ISP providers don’t pay attention to performance simply because they don’t feel that they have to. Getting help when you need it can be a real pain. And getting enough coverage for your entire site from your ISP? Forget about it.

Vendor Switching Sucks

Having to find a different vendor to source your connection for every project is time-consuming and frustrating. Wasting time communicating needs to a new vendor, explaining project parameters, and stay on schedule are all barriers to productivity.

Some locations can be incredibly difficult to get to. So much so, that some ISPs won’t provide service. Relying on cellular data, as mentioned above, won’t get the job done.

What You Should Pay For

The scenario outlined above is a transactional relationship. There’s no trust, understanding of your business, or care for what happens if that connection isn’t reliable. There’s no accountability from your provider, no guarantee that you’re going to get what you pay for.

If you’re going to spend the money on a connection, you’ll want to ensure it’s the best and most reliable. You want a team that you can call when there are problems. You want people monitoring your service. You want a guarantee of service. You want network specialists, not an ISP.

You need a team that’s able to provide full-field coverage. You need a team that can provide service anywhere at any time, no matter how remote.

How your devices work and communicate shouldn’t ever be something you have to think about. That’s why field connectivity should be more than just paying a company to get you connected. Get peace of mind with guaranteed performance from a connectivity specialist like ConstructEdge. Our services allow you to focus on the job at hand while we worry about your connection.


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