Construction Link Round-Up #1
November 29, 2018

It’s time to round up the latest and greatest blog posts in the construction industry. We highlight green building, modernization of an industry, the top construction events happening in 2019, new performance indicators every construction professional should utilize, and how big data can reduce risk on the jobsite.

Construction Goes Green?

Will the construction industry switch focus to more sustainable building methods? About 47% of the industry predicts more than half of their projects will leverage eco-friendly methods. Certifications may help push companies toward green building, but it is uncertain how much adoption 2019 holds. We highly recommend reading the white paper attached at the end of the article for a more in-depth look.

Time to Read: 2 min


Modern Methods of Construction

Housing development construction is getting a makeover. The latest industry report, which can be downloaded for free by registering with the NHBC Foundation, suggests that residential construction may be turning a corner, with more emphasis placed on quality, innovation, and modernization of techniques, like investing in technologies to help with project creation and building. Read this article for the summarized version, and if you’re interested, download the white paper for more in-depth information.

Time to read: 7.5 min


2019 Construction Industry Trade Show and Conference Guide

Keep a pulse on upcoming events in the construction industry. Construction Dive compiled a list of 2019’s biggest construction events that your company won’t want to miss. Dates and a brief summary of the event are included, as well as links to each event’s website. Get out there and mingle with your peers, learn your fill, and check out the innovations poised to revolutionize the industry.

Time to Read: 3 min


KPIs for Construction: The 7 Key Indicators for Construction Professionals

Standardizing and benchmarking in the construction industry have notoriously been difficult to capture. For a long time, the industry has relied heavily on their Experience Modification Rate (EMR) score, where the lower the number, the better reflection of safety on a jobsite. However, this motivated companies to pour funds into keeping their numbers low instead of focusing on delivering the best product. In an effort to correct this, Autodesk studied current processes, performance, and risk, which revealed 7 key metrics construction companies should track. This article summarizes the reasons behind needing new metrics. For the full report, download the white paper to understand where your business should focus its efforts.

Time to Read: 4 min


Use Big Data to Mitigate Risk and Boost Outcomes

Data is only useful when it’s gathered, analyzed, and applied, but how do construction companies make time with so many other priorities to address? This is where automation and AI come to the rescue. Machine learning can cross reference data of actual performance with your business KPIs to provide insights to where change is most needed. By allowing computers to find the root cause, your team can focus on getting work done and implementing more efficient, safer processes.

Time to Read: 4.5 min


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