AGC IT Forum: 6 posts you should read before the show (or after)
September 1, 2018

The best event for Construction Technologists

The 10th annual AGC IT Forum is coming up next week and – to be honest – we’re completely fired up about it. This is one of our favorite industry events of the entire year, and we want to help you make the most of your time at the show.

We love this show because when you get this many technologically-minded industry professionals in the same building, some sort of magic happens. The exchange of ideas and perspectives is incredibly impactful and leaves us feeling inspired to continue pursuing a more streamlined, productive future for this industry.

We want to help you start thinking about the hot topics for next week’s AGC IT Forum, and how they apply to your business. Take a look at our recommended reading list for each of the topics below. Pro tip: these would make some excellent airplane reading if you’re flying into Chi-town next week (we’re just saying).


Disruption: the new normal

  1. What will the construction industry look like when all this disruption is behind us? The World Economic Forum published this insightful look at the future of the construction. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, there’s a 2-minute video on the page that summarizes the 3 potential scenarios the WEForum has identified, based on current trends.
  2. Is the “smart jobsite” just a fad?  The Internet of Things is exploding in mainstream popularity – here’s a great article covering some of the ways this technology is affecting safety, productivity, and ROI in construction applications.

IT Strategy

  1. Strategic planning for IT investments and deployments is a hot-button topic in every industry right now. This overview of Technology Roadmaps from is going to become a critical part of your strategic IT planning – especially if your company is still in its infancy with tech adoption (but even if you’re farther along – you need a roadmap).


  1. Mindset is everything when it comes to innovating. There’s a really great interview from earlier this summer with breakout session leader, Rick Khan (Sr. Director of Innovation, M.A. Mortenson Company), talking about his journey in the industry and how Mortenson is exploring different avenues to bring value to their customers.  It’s important to remember that passion fosters innovation – without it, the chances that lead to breakthroughs might never be taken.


  1. Cloud infrastructure is the big topic here, and Sage Construction has an awesome report on Cloud Computing in construction.  There are few other industries who can benefit from the freedom of the cloud.
  2. Last on our list, but first in our hearts – your network infrastructure. All of this technology is doing amazing things to improve the way we plan, manage, and execute projects…BUT what happens when your trailer or field internet can’t even get you to the cloud? Network infrastructure will be absolutely vital to the successful implementation of new field technologies. 

Hopefully, you’re feeling as excited about next week’s show as we are. If you’ll be there, don’t forget to stop by our booth (#208) to chat about connectivity (or anything tech-related, really – we can geek out with the best of them).  AND if you mention this blog post, we’ll hand you a Starbuck’s gift card – absolutely no strings attached!


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