3 Reasons Your Business May Need Network Management Assistance
May 10, 2018

How do businesses manage the complexities that come along with today’s demands on bandwidth? Plenty of businesses choose to continue managing their networks internally – and if you’ve got the resources and skills in-house, we say go for it! Of course, this won’t always be the case. Often, an IT department becomes stretched thin when connectivity management is added to the regular, daily responsibilities of the team – especially within decentralized organizations.

Companies that find themselves experiencing this pain are on the hunt for an easier, more efficient way to manage their networks and reduce the load on their already overworked IT staff.


^ Is this you? Or maybe you fall somewhere in the middle?


Here are our top 3 reasons you should consider enlisting help managing your network by seeking out a Managed Internet Service Provider (MISP):

1. Skilled resources are limited

Qualified IT professionals are in short supply these days and demand will only increase as businesses choose to make the digital transition and begin adopting more complex technologies. While enrollment in computer science and technology programs is up year-over-year, so is the demand for skilled or trained employees. Recruiting for IT positions might feel like an impossible task.

A MSP can ease this burden by giving you access to a staff of technicians with the specific skills to keep your network running day and night.


2. Technologies change quickly

It’s no secret that the rate of change in the tech industry can lead to either frequent, costly upgrades or systems that are drastically outdated while still in use. Especially when it comes to networking, you want to make sure that:

A) your networking hardware is sufficient and secure enough to support your business’s day-to-day functions and,
B) you have the option to upgrade or scale your service as your needs change.

The great thing about working with a managed provider in this regard is that they typically own the hardware and will upgrade it at regular intervals as technologies change. You’re also likely to have the option to increase bandwidth as-needed to support your business. Just make sure to ask about scalability up-front.


3. Redirect your IT staff

Let’s go back to item #1 for a second. Finding quality employees can be tough. Once you’ve got them, how is their time best spent? Probably not dealing with internet issues – no matter how vital they are to your operations.

If your highly skilled IT staff is taking time out of their day to deal with outages or other connectivity issues, they can’t focus on things like strategic IT planning and research, development, and systems administration. We argue that enlisting the help of a MISP can help your IT team increase productivity and reduce overall costs, simply by eliminating the complexity that comes with managing your internet infrastructure.


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