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ConstructEdge is an innovative technology services company that provides real-time data and live communications that enhance safety and productivity for the jobsite. This is accomplished through our suite of products: Last Mile Services, Trailer Connectivity Services, and Field Connectivity Services.


Sourcing, implementation, and management for remote, hard-to-reach jobsites.

Trailer connect

Trailer setup, asset management, and network monitoring services.

Field connect

WiFi As A Service including network design and distribution across your field of work.

Manage 360

An online platform to order, manage, and monitor technology needs for all your jobsites.


Jobsite Connectivity

Our unique approach to connectivity for construction jobsites is built for the way the construction industry does business. Jobsite connectivity ensures that project teams have access to the real-time data platforms that manage modern construction jobsites.  Field-first network architecture needs to adapt throughout the lifecycle of the project to make sure networking equipment works from day one, can be extended into the field, and managed across multiple jobsites.


Connectivity Services

We are the leading technology partner to the construction industry providing turn-key jobsite connectivity services. We install and manage trailer tech needs, and our expert technicians design and install hybrid networks that are both rugged and scalable.

Last Mile Services

  • Sourcing: Internet qualification, quoting, and vendor evaluations/recommendations.
  • Implementation: Coordination with ISP and field team for installing the ISP service.
  • Contract/ISP Management: Billing, changes, decommissions, reactive or proactive monitoring.

Trailer Connectivity

  • Trailer Setup: Installation of all trailer technology needs including linking multiple trailers as the job site scales.
  • Asset Management: Inventory management and logistics.
  • Network Monitoring: 24/7 proactive monitoring via managed router.

Field Connectivity

  • Field Network Design: Hybrid wired & wireless mesh networks designed & installed.
  • Network Extension: Distribution of bandwidth from the trailer across the field of work.
  • Wi-Fi as a Service: Fully-managed access points with central management platform.

Field Asset Management

Currently testing on selected jobsites.  Collect and report on the location of tools, vehicles, hard hats, vests, and other critical items in real time! Track assests in the trailer and the field.

Private Jobsite LTE

Currently testing on select jobsites.  ConstructEdge is an FCC-certified LTE installer and provider. Save on Data and have strong cellular signal throughout your jobsite.


Enhanced Security | Cameras

Bring enhanced security and video surveilance to your jobsites. Works with any camera system and runs on our network. Helps monitor security, safety, and productivity.

Give your field teams the bandwidth to power all your construction tech apps for real time data & live communications.

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Featured Projects

We’ve built custom jobsite connectivity solutions for some of the largest civil, commercial, and infrastructure contractors on the globe. We have deep expertise in projects from data centers to transportation infrastructure and renewable energy projects.